The extensive reach of the Internet and widespread use of broadband technology, cable Internet and satellite connections, means that we can all communicate much faster and more efficiently than ever before. You can clearly access this website, read about configuring your mobile phone to access the Internet or your Email remotely. If we sold widgets, you could buy them from our online shopping cart, pay  online, and track the progress of your order through the website  – 24 hours a day. Clearly we don’t sell widgets, but we do know all about the Internet and how it could be used to improve your performance regarding:

Our preferred ADSL and SDSL broadband Internet supplier is Zen Internet, cable connection has to be with Virgin, satellite with AVC Broadband, Domain Name registration with Easily, simple web hosting with Easily, whilst other web hosting needs should be discussed with us on a case by case basis. We can provide simple website design like this one for you, though  for more sophisticated design we would engage Zen Web Solutions on your behalf,  for remote spam filtering we recommend Trade Web, mobile Email and web connections by the likes of O2, anti virus software on the PC by Kaspersky, and server based anti virus by Sophos. All this can and should be arranged by ourselves, leaving you in control of the relationship side of things.