Email has largely replaced tradtional postal mail, especially for business interactions and first points of contact communications. Email is now used to send contracts, or at least links to online contracts, order products or services, and send invoices. Whist the uses of email have increased dramatically in scale and importance, and some technical infrastructure provided by Cloud services have improved dramatically, there is much out dated technology and behaviours still in use. Some technology, available at negligable cost, is widely available and still in use 20 years since it was introduced. 

POP3 protocol email dates back to 1988 and IMAP V4 was introduced in 1994. SPF V1 was introduced in 2003, DKIM was introduced in 2004. DMARC was introduced in 2012. It’s all been a slow development of technologies, whilst the business us of email has occured beyond the deployment of protective measures. The enforcement of DMARC is long overdue and now Google is forcing the pace.

Microsoft Business 365 provides the world’s best messaging service and integrates with calendar and data services, as well as a myriad of applications that can leverage Microsoft 365 for business solutions.

We can setup Microsoft 365 tenancies for you, moving your Email from introductory IMAP or POP3 solutions and getting you started on the collaborative services including SharePoint libraries for data storage and access via Microsoft Teams.

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